Why – Professionalism

I’ve always seen someone who earns a lot of money dressed in a suit or being portrayed as this clean-cut man or women and always looking fresh, talking ‘properly’ without slang or swearing and overall not stepping out of line while being in a PC environment. The consensus is this is the only way to act to get to a very high point in your career. There has been a complete switch recently to the point where I see more people step out in Lambo’s in tracksuits rather than suits. The dudes who wear caps own more property then the high-flying bankers. It’s crazy but it is becoming a normal trend now.

These young people who have come from environments where everyone wears nothing but informal clothing have got onto the same level as ‘suits’ whether that is by music, arts, acting and several other unconventional ways that don’t resemble a normal career. This means that they haven’t had to conform to a professional environment when it comes down to uniform and mannerisms. All the important things stay the same such as work ethic and skills of their own craft. But not having to act in the robot-like manner is what attracts me and many other people to that need to be successful in an unconventional way. It allows people from rough areas to not have to change everything about themselves to fit in and attempt to be successful.

It’s a shame that professionalism is a construct of your appearance rather than your actions after you meet the person. By this I mean that someone who walks into the office with a suit on will be considered dressed appropriately but can suck at what he/she is supposed to do within the role. But there could be someone dressed more casually who is very knowledgeable but the first impressions of the person are terrible because they don’t automatically look how they ought to look, is not all that fair. Obviously, there is a fine line such as don’t walk into a bank for an interview with tracksuit bottoms on. Professionalism Is measured in a vast amount of different ways and not just on the first impression.

It allows people from rough areas to not have to change everything about themselves to fit in and attempt to be successful

I mention this because there is a big divide between the current top-ranking companies and the individuals who are on their radar but are not in an industry that they favour. You barely see rappers on television advertisements, newspapers or any sort of mainstream content because the media has not transitioned over from the PC, boring, content over to the content that is predominately online but is getting more attention from the public just because of the image that these rappers have and their lifestyle not being the clean glamourous person that everyone is used to seeing. Rappers, new age and old age, talk about real things that have become very popular with the younger generation. Hence why XXXtentacion was such a huge artist before his untimely death. He, and many others, talk about their emotions, thoughts, feelings that all come across very unprofessional to companies because they want easy going celebs that are not going to say anything out of the ordinary. It’s just that norm that mainstream companies have formed against the unusual which is a shame for the talented individuals but as we know an increasing number of platforms have surfaced that allow and promote these people and their content.

In conclusion I think that the general consensus is that professionalism is still a key factor in being successful in whatever you’re doing, but the need to be professional and the way that being professionalism comes across is changing to a less corporate and more relaxed standpoint especially in the culture that WhyY is in. Even in the corporate world there are plenty of examples from top investment banks to smaller businesses that being overly professional and following the standard way of working that people followed a little while ago is becoming unfavourable and inconvenient.