WhyY – Alternate

Alternate, alternative, are words which have became a lot more popular over the last five years or so. I only became aware of it recently because I wasn’t really around properly to witness the alternate rock phase that happened in the early 2000’s cause I would have been a toddler at that time. Regardless I have been following this current alternate phase of rap music for a while, it is my favourite genre of music just beating lofi. But what I noticed is that it is classed as alternate but there are so many artists that have been put in that genre and they are on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to music from one another, which is interesting because there are clear playlists for other types of music such as pop, rock, trap and many more but it seems like if there is some sort of ‘different’ artist with a different sound it is automatically classed as alternate which I don’t think is correct. But to contradict myself I also think that the artists don’t even know what sound they have now. At the start of X’s album he said that we must open our mind to the sound and to remember it is an alternate sound, which shows that people automatically think, as soon as they listen, it is bad and odd. Where we have just came out of a trend of ‘normal’ pop music and thanks to platforms like Youtube and Soundcloud there is not stopping these artists from making music where before that they would have to get permission to release a project.

It’s a time in the information age where norms that have been norms for hundreds of years are starting to fade and new aspects are starting to appear that will make all industries different. Its one of the main reasons why TV is dying, because it doesn’t want to have all of the new different shows on it. Arrogance on what is popular and what isn’t popular is the biggest reason why some companies won’t be around in 10 years. Crazy to think but there’s a few big names such as Sky that will be in a big predicament very soon. This all brings me back to my original point of accepting the different is going to be what makes big companies big in the future and it is what is going to crush big companies in the future, refusing to move into a different generation is crazy to me. I understand that it can be hard to see what made you famous in the past being less effective and less profitable now but it is a lot worse to carry on and depreciate into nothingness while being the face of a dying industry.

I believe that we are in one of the best stages ever for individualistic content because we don’t have as much scrutiny over what is acceptable unlike 50 years ago. Being able to not be politicly correct is the driving factor of this change, people now want to see realer things and be informed about what is actually going on in the world rather than hearing the SFW stories that the mainstream news puts out. There will be a period of time where the norm is to censor this type of content, however as my generation and the generation after me will gain more power in society as we age a bit I am confident we will be less clingy on keeping things PG and develop our news sources into real providers of important content.