WhyY – Building

It’s important to follow an idea that you’ve had in the past instead of letting it go and it stays as a good idea. Theorising and planning is very important and I spend a lot of time doing such things, but over time I’ve thought that, and so many artists/creatives think the same, that it seems to be more difficult to follow up on an idea and start turning it into something real then it is to think of another brilliant idea. I come up with cool ideas everyday but it is so easy to vision that product, service or piece of art become a success but people never see the work that goes in behind it and I have found personally that I have fell into that trap several times. It sucks to think of the wasted time that could have been spent networking or honing a design or several things that are important right this minute.

It’s crazy to think how long people spend on building their breakthrough moment and it’s knowing that it will happen eventually, not in a specific space of time but eventually. It frustrates me sometimes that I can’t push for something to be done by a specific date, things take longer to do then one would expect, it’s a completely different world to handing in assignments for university of working towards goas for a job, those are finite things that will be done in a much shorter time then something like a music video. Switching from one mentality to the other can be draining at times but there is nothing better then releasing a product or getting someone’s number who can open up doors. Those are the moments I work for.

The term building says that the foundation has already been built, that’s the level WhyY is at currently. We know what we want to accomplish but there is not really a time frame or any specifics that we want to follow up on more than anything else. We have our clothing that was the first brick and then there were other bricks in the form of discovering artwork and music and collaboration with the culture. I think of all those things as foundations to individual walls that will eventually make a huge tower. Construction will take time just with anything but it will be a good experience.

there is nothing better then releasing a product or getting someone’s number who can open up doors

If I work my way to a music video with Juice WRLD then I’ll consider myself happy but until then its constant building.