WhyY – Content is king

Content Is an important but very subjective thing to talk about and to distribute. At WhyY we distribute content that is very personal to all members of the group, but also personal to the viewership. See how hard that could be to pull off? Acting like a formal business on IG and FB won’t bring in the type of people who would want to see our product. We’re a clothing company. Marketing ourselves in a way which seems like we are selling a service isn’t going to work. It would be stale and disinteresting. That’s why tapping into the art and fashion part of the social networks is important to WhyY because it’s our thing. Don’t overextend yourself when you are marketing. Real estate brokers aren’t going to buy your oversized hoodie as much as a music producer is going to. Stay in your own lane.

Don’t overextend yourself when you are marketing

The attention to detail of content that is being distributed is very important to the masses that see it. High quality photos, quotes or blog posts are not only wanted, but are expected. If you upload a picture to Instagram with no caption, no hashtags, no response to comments and it being an ordinary photo. It’s not going to conjure up value to the person who is seeing it. Value is the number one thing that is needed to attract a person to keep in touch with the content in the future. And before you know it, boom you have a following of sorts.

I mentioned before that content is subjective. It is interesting to monitor different pages on IG and YouTube that get a large viewing from people who are interested in that niche. It’s not that hard to work out that there is probably a large amount of 18 and below women who watch make up tutorial videos then 18 and below men. Expanding on that market and constantly providing value to whatever market you are part of is key for anyone to recognise your service or product. But understanding how far your market is in the ground is key, because you won’t be able to easily shift your community from die hard fans of Call Of Duty, to general gaming content. That is when you will start to lose viewership even if you are entering a bigger market.

Overall, I believe that providing value in my content is key for the growth of my marketing channels. Understanding what direction your market Is going in to is significant to the long-term success of your business as well. But more importantly acting on these changes and being able to identify when something huge or devastating is going to happen will allow you to keep on winning.