WhyY – Creation, creation, creation

Big topic for todays blog post. Creation in a broad sense is coming up with something new that can fit in our current market, and that will hopefully pop off and become a hit (lol). We create things to sustain our innovative thoughts that we have every day. All the time I’m hitting up people talking about a new project or how I can adapt something into something better. I have a constant creative thought process and that’s why I have chosen an industry to go into that allows me to be as free creatively as I want. It would be a situation in the future where I have to do a project or change things inside of a project to make it what the other person wants. If that was the case 100% of the time then I wouldn’t want to work with such person. Obviously if this person has a vision of what they want then I will work with that and chuck in my own magic to help it go from great to better than great. I remember an interview that Cole Bennett did where he was working with an artist, who is signed to a label, and the label mentioned that they wanted things changed within the music video. That can be quite annoying because its not coming from the artist itself but on behalf of the artist from the label. If I was in that situation, I would want to speak to the artist themselves and discuss what they want. Its like asking a kid’s parent what they want to drink but the parent chimes in and says they must have this when the kid wanted something else.

The creation of content can be very hard however I think that, from experience, when you have a good idea set in stone and you can see the outcome then it becomes very easy to go step by step in making that creation. With this project there have been lots of creations such as clothing, artwork, photography, video and with all that obviously comes experience and a bit of wisdom about that category of creation. With the clothing I found it easy to come up with a cool design and to deal with all of the marketing and promotion behind it however I didn’t like the communication with manufactures as much as that is obviously duller. Some people may like to talk to manufactures and hussle for the best price possible and enjoy the thrill of it. I need to find someone who enjoys that side of the game as I am usually the behind the scenes guy who has lots of input in the creation.

I have a constant creative thought process and that’s why I have chosen an industry to go into that allows me to be as free creatively as I want

I like the fact that I have people around me who get my ideas and can see them the same way that I do. It won’t be spot on as you would want it to be but it is a lot more ideal then having someone who has no idea what you’re trying to portray 99% of the time. I have found that it is ultra important to have those sorts of people around me when I am brainstorming ideas, the same way a music artist will have his producer and engineer with him when he makes a track. It allows things to be done at a much quicker pace and discussions can happen straight away about any doubts/changes with the idea. I tend to sit with Jaidan over Discord or in his studio and that is where we will talk about ideas and put stuff on the table and start to create snippets of projects to see if it is worth pursuing.

The process of creation can be tough at times but I am lucky that I rarely get a writer’s block moment where I cannot think of anything to improve change an idea. The same with the people that are around me they also don’t get a block that much which is incredibly beneficial when it comes to the moment we are making several different pieces of work at one time. Making sure these people are on hand is helpful and will make the project a lot better then it would if it was just myself. Creation becomes a lot more powerful when others are involved.