Whyy – Exploring

As time has passed since we put the first three products up we have done extra things to get some new content and involve ourselves in the new age scene more then before. I got in touch with a London based artist known as Finn Foxell who predominantly does lofi styled rap music. Has around 7k plays on Spotify a month. Pretty good. We created a single cover for him in our sort of new-found style. Link. But that sort of connection with someone in the scene who actually is striving to make music is very useful and we can leverage that in the future to other artists who we can do artwork for as well.

Building that connection is amazing for us because there are so many doors that open by connecting with someone who actively makes music. Myself and Jaidan have always talked about doing music videos and obviously the connection is there with an artist and we know we can make something special whenever we get the opportunity to shoot a music video. We have been looking to get into more of the entertainment sector for a while, by entertainment I mean producing short movies, shooting and creating music videos and making artwork whether that’s on behalf of an artist or for a piece of clothing. I personally think it’s always good to shake things up with a brand in the early stages because there is the possibility of finding a new sector that we end up being really involved with.

there are so many doors that open by connecting with someone who actively makes music

There’s also the opportunity to take a more traditional route with the business and build and develop brands on behalf of other people who are getting started. As it seems like we have had a lot of time to think about different paths we could take and this is more of a business-like way. I think we will dabble with it and do it for a couple potential customers however it’s not as free and creative as we would want our projects to always be. We always like to be free flowing and use our own ideas for our own benefits. Regardless there are several industries we want to get involved in.

You’ll see in a couple months.