WhyY – Future plans

For this first half of the year I want to build WhyY into something more than an online presence. There is obviously the great satisfaction that comes with selling items online and sending them to a completely foreign place to a person who I will most probably never see. It adds to the whole mystery ooooo. But there is the overwhelming satisfaction that I know would occur if I could get my products into stores that are local to me. Whether that’s small boutiques or a bigger department store. The dream is to be able to walk into a place and forget I have my products in there so I start wondering around and there are some of my products that take me by surprise. That would be awesome and is kinda the end goal when it comes to clothing apart from seeing celebs and people I respect wearing my clothing.

Obviously for this to happen we may need more than 3 pieces of clothing and a few pieces of artwork. The next thing on my list to do as soon as possible is to create a new collection that is around 5-7 pieces large which includes bottoms, probably two hoodies, a jacket and some other pieces that I want to experiment with. There is a new trend which I am in love with that I have noticed recently and it is covered by musicians, artists and a whole host of others that release content. This is the aspect of just releasing content no matter how finished it is to the industry but if you think it is finished then boom it is finished and you release it. Obviously this can be taken way to far and absolute skeletons of projects are released and they look bad, but I am more looking into the vision of not worrying about polishing it to perfection and just releasing it a bit more rough, in music that is what has blown some artists up and with actual artists their pieces can look rough but would look worse if time was spent to make it look more pretty. Some projects aren’t made to be messed around with my industry professionals to flower up to be able to distribute. Platforms that are available for everyone offer a free form of expression that allows us to put out anything we want, which is awesome.

there is the overwhelming satisfaction that I know would occur if I could get my products into stores that are local to me

In regards to what I want to achieve is, like previously stated, a new collection of clothing, and to rebrand WhyY to less of a clothing brand and more of a brand with no genre. Just a collective to work with whoever we want to and be able to put out what we want. This year I want to 100% be involved with music a lot more and collaborate with artists more like we did at the end of 2018. Creating artwork and producing music videos while also setting up our own series revolved around showcasing talent in the UK scene are things, we want to dabble with which will be a cool endeavour. Where writing is concerned, I am not worried about writing about anything other than WhyY and to keep a journal on the progress of the collective and to keep record of things that have happened to be able to look back on in the future and be like oh shit that was an important moment in our growth etc etc.

I’m exited to see where different roads take us and to be able to collab with as many people we can to build a decent reputation. Oh and a show, I want to host a music show, that’ll be mad.