WhyY – Juice WRLD Edit

Since the creation of the live performance edit of Juice WRLD that we created we have come to a realisation that content similar to that Juice WRLD video is very popular with the fanbase that surrounds the artist. Fans love to see a different view on their artist. Trying to make the lyric video mixed with the real music video has been a challenging project but we think it can become a trademark at WhyY. As not only does it give the viewer a chance to understand what is being said first time round it adds another layer of depth onto the video in the sense that we can use the lyrics and turn them into mini visual pieces that attract the eye of the viewer.

We have made another video on Scarlxrd which, in my opinion, is even crazier then the 1st video we created. But the main goal is to take clips from these performances and music videos and make them look like they have gone through a rigorous editing process. As some of the videos that are put out by artists can be made a lot more visually appealing If the correct editing went along with it. By creating this first video with Juice WRLD we were able to gain a lot of attraction within the community that is a fan of Juice. The biggest fanpages with 45k, 22k, 12k followers on Instagram were reposting our content and speaking very highly of it. Which is crazy to think that our video has been viewed well over 50k times over the course of a few days of it being released. With the maddest thing being is that was our first ever video of attempting this new style of editing. So it is fair to say it went very well for us.

The next steps are very clear. We have clients to shoot music videos for and other smaller projects to complete before we can really take a step back and think of our other short term goals. I predict the next video we are going to drop will once again be popular with the community that surround the artist and you never know there is always the possibility that the artist themselves will see the video, hopefully. Being able to collaborate with a big artist and do what we want with a video instead of working around pre-recorded footage would be a hell of a lot of fun. We have realised that there is no one else in the UK that are doing what we are doing and that gives us a lot of leverage when it comes to the time, we create videos that are going to take the whole culture by surprise.

Overall the Juice WRLD edit that we created is a very good stepping stone into a world we want to be in where we can take big artists and make their visuals look the best as possible. Especially in the UK scene as we have the potential to be the top directors in the country at the minute with how the feedback is at the minute.