WhyY – Keeping on top

An interesting thing that I have come across while starting this project was how hard it would be to balance the day to day tasks with other external things that I’m also working on. Uni and work etc. It leaves not as much time as I initially would like to brainstorm new design ideas with Jaidan, work to find models for photoshoots and eventually expanding into something more than clothing. I have found that I spend a lot less of my day doing relaxing, recharging, activities but always writing, talking to people involved with WhyY and always thinking of the next big design/idea. Like right this minute it is 8:50am on a Friday writing this and I’m travelling to university, but instead of listening to a podcast or watching a show I am writing this post. It’s awesome that I am using this time to kill as something that can help build my brand in the future.

Keeping on top of the design, business dev and releasing products is not even the most important thing that needs to be kept on top of. Keeping on top of the culture is the most important thing because If I want to be part of the culture then I will have to know what is going on within the space. Knowing what artists in the UK I can send products to and also what overseas artists would be the best fit for the brand is one of the most important things to maintain, because it shapes the brand into what it might be in 5 years’ time.

I always look at Lyrical Lemonade as inspiration for this. Keeping up with the culture through countless blog posts about the Chicago hip hop scene and that moving now internationally is crazy to think. How Cole Bennett has built his brand from the ground up and not really know what the next industry he could be part of in a year’s time is crazy. But good crazy. If I wasn’t part of the culture or lost connection to the culture that I am aiming to be part of then I will definitely lose connect with what is appropriate and it is a lot easier to lose supporters at that point.

Well, it is clear that culture is an important thing to keep up with as is putting out content, whether that’s written, video or products. But keeping up with improving my brand and exploring new areas or interest is something that I will be pushing for in the future.