WhyY – Motivation

One thing that sets apart people who succeed, from people who fail, is their motivation and their work ethic. It’s crazy how much people shy away from thinking that if they were to actually put time and effort into their business model, or their skill, or their anything. That it would become successful. No shit right? The whole 10,000 hours to become an expert in a certain thing means you actually have to put in 10,000 legitimate hours into that process, if you were going by those rules. 

I believe that, as humans, we always need to be social with one another to be able to truly be happy. This has been morphed into consuming content from the big social media’s and other sources such as the video games we play. This is the trick. These are all micro products that we are consuming. Which means that no matter how much we get use to the platform or get better talking to people. It will always be something small that doesn’t really fit into a big success story. However, this is not taking away people who browse socials to relax or people who play Fortnite for 2 hours during their evenings. It is extremely important to maintain these things and for it to become part of your culture because that is what unwinds people’s brains. But it shouldn’t consume you from your macro goal. Having motivation in these aspects is as important as having motivation in any business ventures that you have. Being able to tweak your own mindset and changing your own perception of work can make you more motivated. Treating any work as another gym or gaming session will increase your own productivity tenfold. 

I see motivation and the results of motivation as I see karma. If you do lots of good things for people, then it is common sense that something good is going to happen to you in result of the good thing you just did. People call that process karma. If you punch some 13-year-old in the face then you are going to face some consequences. Again, that is not karma, it’s common sense. That’s the way I see motivation. If you work on that marketing strategy for 6 hours a day because you are motivated to make it the best thing possible, then you will see better results versus if you put in 2 hours working on it. Think of any other situation that has come up which requires time to make it work. If you don’t put in the time then of course it won’t be good. It’s all common sense but a lot of people don’t understand.

The whole 10,000 hours to become an expert in a certain thing means you actually have to put in 10,000 legitimate hours into that process

As we are a start-up business this is the hardest time for us motivation wise. Having the motivation to write this blog post itself can be seen as too much for some people with the other million things that go on when you are trying to create something. I do not know the statistics, but I can guarantee that the biggest factor that leads start-up business to fail after their first year is not being aware of how much work ought to be done, which is deadly when you are unmotivated as you start to then cut corners and it becomes a shit show. So, it is important to build towards the long-term goals because without thinking long term you won’t be able to foresee what the short-term goals should be to achieve the overall long-term goal.