WhyY – Quality Control

There was an interesting topic that has come to mind which relates to a lot of things that I personally do that ties in with the creation of items for the brand. It’s a strange feeling in which It is a mixture of a inspiration block and an inspiration overload. Its an odd one I know. Having so many ideas about potential products but converting on none. Having the capability and the vision on coming up with a new concept but not capitalising on the opportunity and turning it into something for the fans to see. Its an interesting thought because there is so much work that goes on behind the focus point in every single business in the world and stupid amounts of thought which 99% of it will be thrown away. It is one thing I have noticed as attempting to create new things for the brand, we’re working on a new collection now, that there are always things that can be done better or a better idea that you come up with whilst already working on the current idea.

Reflection is the biggest goal of these blog posts and being able to document my mind at the time of working with this project. And I am coming to the conclusion that I think way more than I act. Which is fine in a sense because I come up with some mad concepts In my mind, but I won’t take the time to write them down so in a weeks’ time these mad ideas fade away and are forgotten about. The only time where these ideas really turn into something everyone else can see is when I am sat with a member of the team and we are actively working on said project right there. Then I will pitch in with some crazy ideas and improvements to whatever we are doing, that is how the first hoodie came about and the whole concept of ‘Vision’. In a world where money and time wasn’t a problem, I would have my own studio with a couple people with me throughout the day and we would churn out ideas and turn them into projects, products and whatever else comes of it.

The act of doing and not doing something has literally made the brand what it is. If I would chuck out whatever content came to mind then it just wouldn’t be right. This is all due to my stupidly high standards with the content that I put out. Obviously, every Instagram story can’t be a high-quality photo with a lot of meaning but I actually put thought into the content that I am putting out. With moving into music production and dabbling with that side of things I would be testing my artistic vision a lot by testing myself to make a dope ass music video. But this time its for the benefit of another person as well, the artist, rather than just myself so there is more reason to make it as good as possible with the resources I have. I would rather post 1 picture in a month that blows up peoples feed then 30 that are just meh. Being able to show this in the future will be mad.