WhyY – Scarlxrd Edit

What a crazy week it has been. I have always said that I value the appreciation people show more than anything and there was an instance a couple days ago where this feeling went over the border for me personally, and my team. We made an edit of a Scarlxrd video and it popped off instantly. With the man himself seeing it in under 3 hours of it being posted. That is some quick completion right there. The goal for every project is for the artist to see it and give their opinion on it. We accomplished that so quickly that it started to really gain traction over night and even 2 days later it is still receiving a lot of positive feedback and the page itself is getting a lot of views which is always good for exposure.

The main reason why we love it when artists see the video is that there is literally no higher place it can go from that. That is a really good feeling. Secondly you will always get potential clients come forward from events like this and ask for similar projects to be completed in return for payment, which is the main point of us doing this in the first place. Exposure and payment. It opens up the floodgates so we can start to work with artists and build up a reputable portfolio over time. Document this moment in time is very important for us as in the future we can look back at this as our first ‘big’ moment. When in reality our ‘big’ moment would probably be a million views on a video or shooting a video for a very big artist. But for now, this is our biggest moment and Scarlxrd’s appreciation has definitely helped the metrics of the page as a lot of his dedicated fans have came over to check it out.

Overall this is a big moment to document like I said and is the first of many for WhyY and the people who work in WhyY. We can use this video and the overwhelming positive response as leverage to find more work and that is what I am doing now. Never stopping.