WhyY – The community

Ayyy our 20th blog post. Pretty mad to think that I started this out with just the idea of writing for fun once or twice a month but in reality, have been drawn back to write more and more about different topics that come about during the day of thinking. I’ll think of something as I am always thinking about the business and I’m like oh damn I’ve gotta go write this down. Then it ends up turning into a near 700 word blog post. But I have enjoyed the content creation process so much that I wouldn’t want to stop writing. I’ve always wanted to write at least one book in my life so this is kind of the practise for that, I guess. It’s like a page of writing but all the content adds up over the course of a couple months. I just enjoy the writing process it is very calming for myself and I wouldn’t do it anyway if I didn’t enjoy it. It is quite funny I go through phases of what music I will listen to whilst writing these blog posts. Right now I’m listening to a lofi piano mix which is awesome and extremely calming. But last week I was listening to some of X’s old music and Ski as well during a writing session. I tend to write faster when I listen to the aggressive music but I wonder if the overall quality of the blog goes down because I’m not going over it as much or something. Very interesting. I’m very happy with the writing process and won’t stop it for a while unless things get crazy, but it is good fun.

Ok, onto the actual topic of the post today. Community. I was thinking of a blog post I was writing about Cole Bennett which will be unreleased by time this one comes out. But I mentioned in that post how being a part of the culture is Important for making contacts and being appreciated by people who are contributing to the same culture as you would be. The thing with community is having a handful of people you could trust with anything relating to the business. Having people who can take responsibility for something in the event of something going wrong is crucial while building a team. But that becomes a core foundation of the community that would be built alongside a business’s success.

I have enjoyed the content creation process so much that I wouldn’t want to stop writing

The part of community that I think is awesome is that you can get quick feedback on anything. If you have a large enough audience you can put something out and get feedback in seconds through Instagram comments, tweets, YouTube comments and comments on the website. There are several avenues that you can get feedback from and as we know social media is very quick so you will get feedback in all forms very quickly if you have enough people looking at it. As it is free speech for the majority of platforms will get mixed responses on what they like, and as it is subjective there will be very mixed opinions. I see it as having the opportunity to hear from every avenue and don’t get discouraged by it. The internet can be a rough place and even the most lovable person will have people who aren’t supporting what he/she does.

Community in itself is a weird thing to get your head around. It is such a big concept that is literally the difference between the failure and success of your project. If you can’t create or fit nicely in a community then It will be a struggle to grow and develop into what you want without having lots of hurdles in your way. It is not me saying that we as WhyY cannot grow unless we are part of a big community but we have to integrate ourselves with people that have the same mindset as us to be able to bounce ideas off of and be able to get genuine feedback from. Otherwise feedback from fans can we very one sided. We look forward to being part of a wider community in the UK and hopefully transition into a US group as well as we are already influenced by what a lot of US artists are doing.