WhyY – The culture

There is the biggest link between the success of a brand, individual or company to whether they can or cannot link with the culture that they exist within. Its like having a free pass into a club where all the big names are and not networking, it’s silly to not be involved with that event and you’ll be missing out a lot. The same thing happens with producers, artists, directors and brands. They are not doing enough collaboration with similar entities in that culture. The biggest way to grow and become a household name in that sector is to work with the people who are already a household name combined with the previous grind that you were already doing.

I mention this because I see a lot of people that have loads of potential to become something more than what they already but there seems to be a perception that doing it on your own is the best way to do it because everything is 100% yours. In the context of a clothing brand, which is what we originally were, it is incredibly hard to go and develop, create, market an entire brand on your own as there is so much background stuff that goes on every day that if you didn’t have to work a different job to sustain yourself then it would be possible but it is very unrealistic. Having a partner from the start or finding people who specialise in a specific sector as you go along is important to sustaining that project and not letting it go to waste over time by not contributing to a part of the business. For example, if I had to fully focus on creating artwork etc then there would be not much time to plan and write these blog posts, which is important to help give off our vibe to fans.

I think that overall there is a healthy relationship between having two or more people working on a project then just one person, this isn’t a dropship website made for quick p’s, it is something that I want to become an empire and a leader for the culture.

Another interesting question I have been asked before, from friends that knew about this project, was what culture I planned on being part of. My answer was simply whatever culture the business falls into. We don’t know what this ‘business’ even is yet. And after 9 months of running operations we still have no idea what it can become. Obviously, myself and Jaidan have our preferences on what we like to do in terms of creating and working but that may not fit the style of what we have already with the brand, is it even a brand? Group? Collective? Organisation? I don’t know and that is how I want it for the present and the future, in the past I had it as a clothing brand full stop, then we wanted to try producing other forms of content that doesn’t fit well under the name WhyYClothing. That’s why I made it less specific and broader.