A fast-growing artist with not much known about him. 6o is an artist that has been blowing up recently and has caught my eye as a new age artist who creates the type of music my generation seem to be attracted to the most. One of the more consistent artists, which I assume would stem from having no label or strict management over what goes out, 6o definitely has the work ethic and talent to put out singles every week that end up getting over 30k views with fan favourites such as ‘Till I Die’ and ‘Again’ getting well over 200k views in the past month. crazy growth in a short amount of time since he has seemed to come out of nowhere.

His work was started around June 2018 and he has gained a lot of attention from January 2019 onwards with the popular channel Promoting Sounds (one of my personal favourites to go for music) uploading his songs with the majority of attention coming from those songs being available on that channel. Artists seem to like putting their personality out there and being ‘personalities’ on Instagram along with putting out music but 6o seems to be honing his craft and fully focusing on the development of his music rather than showing himself off to his fans.

The short conversation I had with 6o over Instagram DM with me offering our services to him, which he very politely declined, resulted in knowledge of the quality of his team that are around him and 6o wanting to stay in his own lane for as long as possible. Everything seems to be going well for 6o at the minute and I personally give him words of encouragement when I can because I tend to find artists way before they blow up and 6o’s music is some of the best early work I have heard for real. My only worry as someone who loves to be independent is, I don’t want a Frank Ocean scenario where 6o isn’t appreciated by a label that he signs with and they limit the work he is allowed to release. But I believe that 6o is aware of this himself and has good people around him to aid his decision on whether a certain label is good or not for what he wants to put out and the quantity of what he puts out.

Regardless of that worry the straight consistency of music that 6o is putting out is crazy compared to other artists. The difference is that they quality of the music does not dip from song to song as you would half expect with a quick turnover. This is the thing that attracts me to 6o the most. The ability to put out meaningful songs back to back every week is crazy. I suppose the real challenge would be to see if he can release a tape consisting of the same sort of tracks we are hearing now but with even more production value. Does 6o need vocal coaching? Hell no. Does 6o need time to fully understand the music he’s making and what cord he can hit with his viewers? Yes, this is what makes a good tape an outstanding tape. From what I know already 6o has only released singles, which isn’t a bad thing as you cannot expect an artist this new to be working on an album/tape already. But the point is that 6o needs to put a lot of planning ahead on the direction of album/tape for it to tell a story and to explore different vibes. It cannot be done as quickly as a single can and if it is rushed as we will be able to hear that within the final product.

Overall, I believe that 6o is a very talented artist that has got a lot of hype recently with a couple of his songs blowing up and if he can keep putting out music while finding the clear direction he wants to take with regards to a story or message I can see a Juice Wrld effect in which this artist will become mainstream in 9-12 months. I hate to see talent wasted so if he truly has a good team around him then he will succeed but he needs to keep on the right course.