Cole Bennett

Cole is a very interesting character for me to unpack and understand. He has pathed the way visually for the type of music that has completely took over the music world and he is responsible for the upbringing of a lot of artists that have had the chance to work with Cole. I find it crazy that Lyrical Lemonade has not just become a large business that is working with big celebrities, but it is part of the culture that is now so popular in this new age world. I believe Cole is 22 going on 23 soon and he has become such an inspiration to a new group of producers and entrepreneurs in the sense that he caught the wave first and is now surfing it too the highest peak possible while essentially doing what he wants and working with who he wants. The content that he produces is quality and the consistency is also mad as well. I talk about consistency a lot and I value it indefinitely but the rate at which Cole puts outs videos in the last 12 months has been crazy and the artists that have been featured are at the highest level of popularity now.

The team that Lyrical Lemonade has is stellar. Content is always coming out on their blog and they drop products regularly. Operations on the music videos have became larger and having a lot more production behind them. Everything is looking great. But the point of this post is not to focus on the success of the company. But the mindset of Cole Bennett himself and how he has engrained himself in the hip-hop culture forever. An important factor is timing. Cole started developing his plans when the new age hip-hop scene started to grow in popularity. It was just luck that he was at a competent level of videography and being a director when artists such as Ski, Juice, Skies and Lil Pump were coming up. But for him to put himself out there and be able to work with these artists and build his portfolio so quickly is what memorises me. It was a snowball effect I believe in which Cole had one song that popped off, probably with Famous Dex, and that allowed him to show off his work to get his foot in the door with artists like I mentioned above.

Being part of the culture is important for success because you actually have to care about what you are doing and the people involved otherwise the viewers won’t believe that you are doing it out of enjoyment and instead acting like a normal business. But the viewers love knowing that the person they’re watching is acting like a member of the culture anyway and in a position where he is around it every day and is friends with people who are only seen as products by labels etc. Cole has proven that him and his team are at the forefront of hip-hop culture with just the way they act around others. He mentions in his interviews a lot that he has always had a connection with the artists that he has worked with. That is crucial to making a good product because if the two people can talk and interact easily then it is a lot easier to see eye to eye and to collaborate on that project. The fact that he actually enjoys what he does it awesome as well and I see it as a huge positive to anything that anyone does. If you enjoy the thing then you are going to want to do good at the thing, very simple to understand.

A business owner has to be a people person anyway. It is impossible to be around so many people and in control of so many things when you can’t interact and show love to people. Cole shows that he is the perfect fit and respects everyone he works with and shows love when love is due as well. Simply being a member of the culture even after big success is paramount to the continuing respect of others in the scene.