Iann Dior

A brand-new artist to most, Iann Dior has sprung onto the music scene with melodic tracks such as stressed out, cutthroat and his breakthrough hit emotions. Personally, I get Juice WRLD vibes from not only his music but how he presents himself on social media as well, this is not a case of copycat from Iann Dior but just influence from the bigger artists.

A concern I share with all new artists that enter the industry in which I’m afraid that they are going to get a lot of press, positive and negative as you would expect because music is subjective blah blah. But the biggest way these artists fall off is after they sign a deal with a label which obviously makes them a ton of money but there are plenty of examples of artists that have signed lucrative deals and they are refused the opportunity to release music. It’s like telling a taxi driver to stay in park his whole shift. Uzi is the best example with this with his label milking the shit out of luv is rage and trapping him similar to Frank Ocean as well.

The main point is that I hope he has a sensible team around him which can direct him in the right way to help Iann Dior reach the goals he wants to reach personally. I have no doubt he will be working with Cole Bennett soon as that seems like a good pairing but we will see what sort of label big label he may sign to and how that impacts his career. It is extremely early on and he may just fall off but I have confidence that the quality of the singles he’s putting out are enough to keep him relevant and what ventures he takes part in. We wish him well and the team like his sound so hopefully he can continue what he is doing.