Portrayed after the act young people have been searching for since the early 2000s, YUNGBLUD has been around for a little while but over the past couple months has landed big features with Halsey and MGK which has seen his popularity rose quite frequently this year especially with several concert performances, a tour, hit singles with millions of views on several different platforms and like I mentioned appearing as a feature on mainstream artists singles. What I like about this character the most is the fact that not only has he brought back a 90s punk style to his music, but the personality that surrounds his character mimics that of the 90s Punk style artist, which in an age of artist coverage being more thorough than ever it is still nice to see that a character such as himself cannot let the general public, big artists all record labels change his appearance or music style since he came onto the scene.

What I would like to see in the future for this artist is not only a successful end of 2019 with a few more hit singles and decently sized concert performances, but I hope the most that he understands his influence on the fanbase he has accumulated since he started since these fans look to him for confidence in the sense of doing what you want and not allowing others to make life deciding changes on behalf of you. It is a very strong message which I hope resonates with the rest of his career as he continues to mature and grow as an artist. My personal favourite tune, Parents, shows this rebellious side to YUNGBLUD in which he talks about his confidence in his own sexuality and not allowing his parents too intimidating with force, relating to his decisions on dating.

It seems to be the same story as Jaden Smith in the sense of he generally doesn’t care about what others think which doesn’t negatively influenced his creative process, which is obviously a great thing considering some artists have had trouble expressing their creative views with labels and it leads to fallouts and work not being done which negatively affects both parties. I predict very big things in the future from this artist and I hope that no negative influences that are common with American artists catch onto YUNGBLUD the same way it has done with Lil Peep for one example. He has potential to revive the punk scene in the side of this generation with the gen Z vibe to it.