What I respect most is an artist who could go out there and produce something without much of a gimmick. Jaden Smith has always been in the spotlight obviously due to what his father has accomplished. But it is very important to take in what Jaden has accomplished so far, one of those being his new EP ERYS, an project featuring a couple very popular artists notably one of my personal favourites Kid Cudi. I’ll touch briefly on the project, but I want to talk about the mentality of the Jaden has and how he can use his influence to positively change the way the younger generation think about things were also using his current projects such as Just Water to positively make a change.

The new EP released not too long ago has had very positive reception due to the extremely high production on each track compared to some other previous songs of Jaden’s. An EP that Focuses on each track blending with one another rather than each track hitting hard individually, this EP Definitely has the attention of the average listener because it is a very listenable, mostly melodic, while previous projects such as SYRE, even though had high production, focused more on each track hitting very hard instead of a complete sounding project. What I respect about this project is that it is not scared to be different, a lot of artist very early on in their career want to take a very safe and mainstream sound to their projects because they don’t want to expose themselves to any early negative criticism. What are the special thing about Jaden is he really really does not care about what others think of his music, obviously he knows what is good and what is bad and the standard of music that he wants to personally release, but I very much respect but that even though he comes from a very well-known family he can branch out and produced something that is incredibly good sounding.

What I want to see in the future is for Jaden to use his influence very positively in the sense of continuing to work with his Just Water brand and to keep on developing the water beautification Machines as I believe they are very important to a place such as Flint Who still clearly don’t have water that is fit for consumption. Overall Jaden seems like a very intelligent and sensible dude who always pushes for greatness with the projects he takes part in and I believe he will be a front man for Change in the environment and will be one of the first guys who took it very seriously in this generation. From a music point of view, I believe there is much more to see from Jaden as it is only his second big project and with him still being as young as he is there is still a huge room for development in sound and Style.