Doja Cat

Doja is everything I want to see in a female artist in 2019. Through her confidence in her ability all the way to the fun that she is clearly having on live performances, Doja is a female artist that should be right up there with who is inspiring other up-and-coming female artists to write and distribute music that they want to. The raspy voice that she possesses combined with the bubbly character means for a pleasant viewing experience when combined with artists such as Rico Nasty there’s so much content and diversity that flourishes in each song that these two artists do together. I believe one of the more attractive things about this artist is clearly her confidence while performing and also in any interviews or skits she is part of her natural character flourishes and it becomes very apparent to that she is constantly having fun while shooting in these projects, which adds to her likeability which is already incredibly high due to her Can-Do attitude and once again not caring about comments made by others.

What I believe to be a defining Factor in the success of this artist is how she fits into a range of different music and a range of different styles. Somewhat like What Tyler The Creator currently does in which he can be slotted into a role and he will adapt and perform that role as if it was himself in real life playing the character. I would love to see Doja Cat doing some sort of adult Swim show just to show off her positive Energy a lot more and showing that she could potentially fit into a broader entertainment conglomerate not just music.

The only thing I fear with the sort of artist is that the wider fan-base of hip hop may push her to one side as a gimmick rather than giving her a chance to express her actual musical Talent. Especially if she doesn’t release a serious project within the next couple years, I can see her being pushed away from the spotlight a little bit however I highly doubt that would occur and I can only predict the big things for this artist in not just music but also sectors such as acting, modelling and being a role model for younger viewers as well.