Isaiah Dreads

A local artist is always a nice one to cover for a blog post. We have worked with Isaiah before and plan to work with him further into the future with regular music videos and hopefully an interview as well. I’m trying very hard to get him onto the WhyY podcast as well so we’ll see how that goes. What I love about this artist the most is the dedication to be the best song after song. He is always practising and with the few projects he’s released he has already gathered attention locally and nationally as well, coming off of performing at Glastonbury was a highlight for him this year.

The music is straight British grime with a bit more structure to it. Grime can be very messy in the delivery of bars and the way the song is structured, but the music that Isaiah has been making has a lot of structure to it and even some of the shorter songs, a personally favourite of mine being Buzz like Andy goes straight into pure grime which shows off his rapping ability very well. Not only do we hope that we can continue to work with Isaiah a lot more in the future but I am very hopeful of his development as a musician and I do hope he gets an opportunity to express on a big online stage.

A big feature or someone of influence shouting out his music will be a huge boost to his growth and with the impressive catalogue of content from the countless singles, freestyles and EP’s he’s dropped it is easy for an audience to get lost in his music. I predict very big things and as he is local to me, I may have a little bit of a biased perspective, but you always want a local artist to hit a mainstream level. The same workflow as he has now, combined with stellar sounding projects marketed in the right way will get him to a larger level and allow him to hit heights he deserves.