Our Top 10 Juice WRLD Songs

One of this generation’s biggest artists, Juice WRLD has skyrocketed to a massive level of fame in a couple years. Multi-platinum songs from the world-famous Lucid Dreams to more unknown unreleased music. We have gone through his whole discography and picked our top 10 favourite songs. The team at WhyY look up to Juice WRLD for consistently putting out a good product and being part of a wave that has grown the new age music scene into one of the biggest music genres ever. Soon down the line we hope to be in a position to have Juice on the podcast and even have the opportunity to shoot a video for him, that is the main goal, but for now we will go through songs from July 2019 and before to see how they match up to each other.

10 – Rich and Blind

The two songs that Juice dropped straight after the passing of XXXTentacion really struck a chord with the entire new age community. A song that talks about Juices emotions and how he is feeling lost even though he has a lot of blessings. He reflects on his drug use and losing people that have been close to him. It is a very touching song that has a lot of real lyrics with references to other top-rated artists such as Lil Uzi Vert. The beat isn’t as developed as some other beats that Juice has on his songs, but I think that works perfectly seeing as the lyrics and the meaning of the song are the most important thing to take away from the song. A very special song that has a faster vibe but the moodiness of the track overall makes it seem slower, a very good track all together and if this was part of a larger album, I think it would be one of the stand out songs.

9 – Hear me Calling

Hear me Calling is a stand out song from the album Death Race for Love, released in 2019. This album has a lot of melodic sounding music encapsulated inside it but the stand out song that has the best reception is definitely Hear me Calling. To me the song is very bouncy with a lot of easy lyrics to sing along to. I know this song has been very popular to perform at the shows since almost everyone knows all the words and since the very bouncy vibe is all the way through to the end of the song it allows for the same energy to come out from the crowed. Not as hype as some other songs on the list as Juice has perfected the art of the melodic sounding songs. Some would feel like this sort of tune works well as a filler track, which I partially agree with since it is so easy to listen to, but since this song has became a fan favourite for its listenability the replay ability of this song is crazy. I can listen to it 10 times over and I still will be singing along to it.  

8 – Scared of Love

One of my personal favourites of all time. Scared of Love was a track included in Juices breakthrough project Goodbye and Good Riddance. It didn’t get as much recognition as it deserved for the quality of the track. It seems to be with a lot of Juices album exclusive tracks it is unlikely that they will be as popular than the singles that get put on the album at a later date. This song mixes hard 808 patterns with a riff that is chilling by itself, it’s quite a dark sounding track if you listen to it deeply. The sound overall is very good for an early Juice WRLD project and is very high up there for one of the better sounding sounds.

7 – Hide

The track that was featured on the new animated Spiderman movie. Hide is a very good single; I was surprised that it didn’t get further than single status. I know it was produced with the intention of it to be used in one of the biggest movies in 2019, but I feel like the song itself, from a ratings point of view, would have greatly benefited from being put on an album because the song is, very much, good enough to be part of one of those albums. The sound again is very slow with a narrative to it, the narrative being that she makes me feel at home, and just being a bit more responsible. The beat about a third of a way through has a bell sound almost acting as a high hat which sounds incredible behind the rest of the drums and the melody which sounds like a few different guitar strings being played. Juice uses some vocals that portray him as more of a vocalist than ever. The feature artist, Seezyn, came on with a slightly autotuned voice which really fitted the vibe of the song well. The song fits well with the movie’s art style, the movie itself it amazing, a very well-produced and vocally superior song that hits the ears very nicely.

6 – Black and White

Black and White is a classic from Juice. A very early song that was part of the famous collection of early material along with Lucid Dreams and All Girls are the Same, which are not on the list because those songs are overplayed and Juice himself said he is sick of those songs. This song in particular though is one of the first instances of Juice showing that he can really talk about whatever he wants. The constant references to drugs and doing them with his white and black friends is a very bold subject matter to cover. The music video is a massive drug induced party so my best guess is this song incapsulates the life that Juice is living and is giving reference to the drugs he is using and the fact that he hangs out with all sorts of people. “Party animals, I am a lion at the zoo” is a lyric that shows off the songs meaning perfectly. This is number 6 because it was one of the first songs I heard from Juice and was one of my favourites in the early days of his career. I was intrigued by his confidence in talking heavily about that sort of lifestyle and the visual that went with the song were really well done to help the point of the song, a massive party.

5 – Armed and Dangerous

If this was a list that was named “Our favourite Juice WRLD music videos” this would be at the top. The video by Cole Bennett is so well done to match the upbeat tempo of the song itself. The song doesn’t really talk about anything all that serious, it is just one of those fun songs that you can bop to very easily. What I like the most with this song and why it has gained the number 5 position is that it is such a happy and vibrant vibe. The entirety of the song sounded like Juice was smiling the entire way through it and I was very impressed by the clunkiness of the beat with the unusual sounds that might catch a lot of listeners off guard. It is just so different and vibrant that it really can’t go any lower than number 5. Listening to the song just makes me smile and the fact that it looked so effortless to rap to just makes it more fun for all the fans at the shows who want to get involved.

4 – Robbery

An older song that was brought back into the spotlight, by a Cole Bennett music video, Robbery was on a lot of people’s radars as a catchy yet slower paced Juice song that talked more about his emotions and his experience with heartbreak. The performance of the song on track is very energetic especially with the bouncy 808 in the background which lifts the entire track. Jealously was a big motive in this song, which is obviously a basic relatable human emotion, which was probably one of the reasons that this song resonated with so many people. Production of the song, for such an early song, is fantastic and the beat bounces hard so this is one that all around the ball is an excellent song that deals with a very sensitive subject for many people.

3 – Syphilis

Again, a track that didn’t see any other release apart from the Death Race for Love album. Syphilis is a very hard song that is incredibly aggressive. It seems like Juice read a page of XXXTentacions book, in the blond and black hair days, and came in super aggressive which is weird to see from Juice as he usually is quite mellow and focuses on being a vocalist rather than screaming into the mic. Syphilis is number 3 on the list because not only is it something completely different to what we usually see from Juice, only other example is his feature on Ski’s Nuketown, the fact that Juice actually fits that genre of shouty rap is awesome to hear. He can get very aggressive and it doesn’t come across forced or cringy that it would usually do with a vocalist. This song is hopefully the start of a lot more aggressive songs from Juice as the whole ‘Weird, aggressive’ vibe does suit him. I wouldn’t think a full album like this would be the best for his fans but a few tracks down the line, especially on the Evil Twins project that he has coming out with Ski, will be a good experiment for Juice to do. Also, this song like many other aggressive songs such as Take a Step Back and RIP Roach absolutely go off in the shows. The aggressive songs are so good for performances and also the fact that this is the start of a different genre of music for Juice is why this is rated so highly.

2 – Starstruck (Unreleased)

A song a lot of people don’t know about. Starstruck, I’m not even sure if that’s the official name, is an unreleased song that has only been released by fans on YouTube. I am not confident that it is currently available on any of Juices official platforms. Regardless the song is one of the best made songs that I have ever heard from any new age artist. It is so smooth and the lyrics hit really deep. The repetition of lyrics at the beginning into the beat drop is incredible. The chorus itself is the best chorus that Juice has ever created, the lyrics mean so much to a lot of people and the fact that he is talking about a one to one relationship would hit home with a lot of people. The vocals are very clean and the production is at a very decent level and I really don’t understand why a song of this quality hasn’t been released in a bigger capacity. If you search it up on Youtube and read the comments you will hear the same thing, “why isn’t this bigger?” and “he is just singing about my own feelings”. These are real comments that I have read from the main source of this song. I find it mad how this has gone under everyone’s radar. It seems like this song was released by an unknown artist who has an underground following or something, not one of the most successful artists of this generation. The song itself is a must listen and if I was putting people onto Juice WRLD this would be the song I show them first, even if it’s unreleased.


1 – Legends

The top spot goes to a song that was made after the tragic events of XXXTentacions passing. Released alongside Rich and Blind, which also features on this list, Legends is a song about X and Lil Peep, another artist who passed due to a drug overdose. The song is top spot because it hits such a deep cord with everyone in the new age community and inside of the song Juice talks about the situation and how that has affected him personally. He talks about how the famous 27 club, where popular artists died at the age 27, has now turned into the before 21 club because artists aren’t even hitting that age before their passing. The vibe is so dark it brings on a large amount of negative feelings about the world. The vocals and the beat go together as one and the range of vocals from Juice doesn’t change all that much which adds to the seriousness of the song. This song hit very deeply with me because sometimes it can feel like you just don’t know what is going on in the world and existence is a mad concept to try to grasp. This is the best song released by Juice just because it shows a very soft side to his musical style and even though there is no aggression and no underlying emotion that is being put into the song, the message that the song is portraying is so deep and so important to millions of people that it is hard not to make you feel a type of way. The first time listening to the song made the hairs stand up on my arms because I know that the topic of the song is so real and daunting to cover, and the fact that Juice recorded this perfectly only a few days after X’s passing makes it all the more impressive.

Well there you go. A look at our top 10 favourite songs from Juice WRLD. I will be leaving links to all the songs in each entries space. A massive thank you for reading this post and we hope to cover a lot more artists top 10 songs in the future.