Royalty – XXXTentacion

I’ve been really excited to hear about the release of this song. To know that X and Bob Marley’s son did a song together was crazy to me when I first heard about it. I seen the snippets that were released by DJ Scheme and also the footage of the Instagram live stream that showed a snippet of the song being played at a friends and family event. It sounding amazing in the snippet because personally I have always been a fan of the Jamaican/Reggae sounding genre so the fact that X is on a track like this, with him also being Jamaican, is a special treat for me.

The song features Stefflon Don which I had no idea why and I was very confused at first, but she came on with her verse and I wasn’t too impressed at first. After a few listens and getting used to a UK artist on the same track as X I changed the mind and acquired that taste for her sound next to X’s and after getting used to that fact she has a big positive impact in that song so I am glad she is repping the UK proudly and doing the grime genre proud. Ky-Mani Marley was excellent on this track. He had the main hook and my god it sounded incredible in the intro before it lead into X and also in the middle of the song. The rasp in his voice worked really well with the beat, which I have to say whoever produced it needs a big pat on the back, but Vybz Kartel, an artist I had no previous knowledge of, really stole the show when it comes to features because his verse had the best delivery and his tone of voice made the Jamaican vibe stand out much more.

The single overall is very good and I am happy that X worked on that tune originally with Ky-Mani since he is one of Jamaica’s best artists following from his father the great Bob Marley. All the features worked incredibly well and I am very hopeful that there is another project coming from X soon, because as we know he doesn’t have music to last forever and at some point the storage of his music is all going to get released. I wonder what the reception will be from the fans when that happens. Regardless this song is a banger and being able to work within his own Jamaican collective must have been a good moment for his friends and family to reflect on. Overall a great song.