Dappy x Tory Lanez – Not Today

This song was released a few weeks ago but I still think that it important to cover since it continues the development of Dappy as an artist that once wasn’t even putting music out to now working with one of the biggest artists in the US. A very positive event for Dappy and the song titled Not Today is definitely some of Dappys best work to date. He switches from his signature melodic singing to very fast rapping which fits with the higher pitch beat very well. What I notice about this song compared to some older Dappy songs is that he is experimenting with his vocal range a lot more than he usually does. It sounds a lot cleaner this way because there is a mix of him stretching out notes instead of just saying them, which is an integral part of his performance style anyway but happy he used this method in this song.

The Tory Lanez verse is very good but it seems very short for the amount he appears in the video; it is a bit weird that he wasn’t involved in the hook and was only given a shorter verse but so be it. I would have rather Tory have had a longer verse because for a lot of people he would be the main attraction, since it is rare for a US artist to appear on GRM. The video by director Jay Parpworth is very clean and focuses a lot on having the artists constantly in frame and there is not much B Roll footage but that is fine for the style of the video that was made. Overall a very good track that has had positive effects for both artists, still don’t know why the verse from Tory was so short though.