An artist that is as British as you can get. Slowthai is the definition of using whatever method is fit to get his point across about political or social views. He is well known for big collaborations with Skepta and I can see him fitting well with the new generation guys in America. Not the soft ones but the Denzel Curry’s of the scene, those who have a style that is only explained by showing someone one of their videos. Slowthai is a figure that is easily hated on, his looks are not the typical pretty boy or clean look that the general population is used to hearing. His voice has a specific northern twang to it which as someone from the south knows it as, it’s basically another language. I can understand him fine due to listening to a lot of music and having a general interest in him, but for the people listening to him for the first time, there will be confusion of the point he is trying to get across as Slowthai can use some very abnormal sentence structure to get his point across.

What we all enjoy the most about Slowthai is his expression, he is not scared one bit to get involved with matters that usually rappers do not touch on, such as politics and general health of ones country. His debut album being titled Nothing Great About Britain, very clearly shows his motive behind the majority of his music, and that’s the main thing with this artist, he cannot just make a nice melodic tune everyone can jam to, each song must contain a valid point that relates to some real world event that he cares about.

Is it a gimmick, of course not. I know that this artist will continue to be a poster boy for rebelling against the negative aspects of his country and also he will take on new topics, study them in-depth and talk about them to his audience, getting across important points in the form of a visual and musical presentation is best suited to his character. The menacing portrayal of someone who has a voice but cannot act resonates with a lot of people in Britain and can be share, in different situation, all over the world. I hope that he can continue to go down this road of making meaningful music and I really hope that he doesn’t get pushed into a career of mainstream music by a label etc because what draws people to him the most is the authenticity of Slowthai for being Slowthai.