Token – Run it Back

A new song by token titled Run it Back has been released and my word it slaps very hard. I expect this from Token though, the majority of his songs are so aggressive in the sense of the song itself being fast, the song comes in and out very fast and when you’re finished it seems like it only lasted 30 seconds even though it is a full-length song. The visuals of the music video are typical Token standard with very flamboyant scenes such as him being covered in what seems like flour and the harsh cuts into other scenes. What I love about the artistic direction of all of Tokens songs are that they are different., in a menacing way. The video also complements that same fact, the opening scene is literally several dudes with tin foil covering their entire heads. It’s just very odd.

The song punches very loudly the same way some other songs like Little Boy did with the build up being a mixture of fast wordplay with a growing loudness to the beat. I really enjoyed the style of the video and it matches the song perfectly. I believe this song will go hard at Token’s shows seeing as the middle of the song is quite repetitive and is easy for the fans to join in on during the performance of this song. Overall a great listen with the comments still labelling him as an underground artist even though his viewership is very high. I see him growing more in 2020 and continuing to work with big artists that he himself respects highly, similar to the Tech N9ne collaboration.