Coming from a troubled past all the way to the fame and money, then back to the beginning again, Dappy has had a rollercoaster of a career so far. I remember listening to N-Dubz back in secondary school and thinking, how could this band get any bigger! Little did I know their existence as a group would not go too much further after I said that. They dissolved and each tried solo careers. Dappy’s solo hits were very good in the early 2010’s and the same went for Tulisa as well. Fazer dropped off from the public eye but has since returned very recently, post about Fazer coming soon. Dappy on the other hand was a character that didn’t seem to get much lift into becoming as mainstream as he should have done. He was always the name coming out of peoples mouths then there would be nothing for a long period of time. Personal issues I’m sure caught up to him but the musical talent was always there.

Dappy has had an incredible comeback in the last couple years with hit single Oh My being one of the most played singles on Soundcloud at one stage, and in 2019 we have seen collaborations with Tory Lanez and a host of live shows and other singles that has catapulted him back into relevancy. Musically Dappy is one of the best artists in the UK hands down. Now as he has matured thoroughly, he has been putting out music that has been incredible to listen to from someone who used to tear it up in the same way 10 years ago. He is one of my dream artists to work with and I think we could really make a dope music video for him.

What I hope for 2020 is for him to continue with the momentum and drop a big project along with having features on these records, such as Tory, to gain more attraction to his content to further get himself back into the game. He will have a great solo career from now onwards and you never know we may see a reunion of N-Dubz, a boy can dream.