Iann Dior – Pouring

New release Iann Dior is definitely another addition to an already impressive collection of melodic, whole-hearted, songs. What I love about this song the most is that you can actually hear Iann speed up into more of a rap and not always 100% singing. The beat drops in the middle of the hook are awesome and it sounds like they would break up the song but in actuality it is a brilliant way to add bounce to the song. The song talks about his emotional struggles and how he uses lean as one of the ways to cope with it. He probably hates the comparison but I could see Juice WRLD fitting onto this song so well it’s mad. The singing that goes behind the beat at times is so smooth and that is why Iann really is one of my favourite artists at the minute. His ability to switch up from almost talking to full on belting out the words is really good to see since it shows that he really cares about what he is talking about.

Iann as an artist still has a long journey to go and I think he would benefit highly from dropping small projects along with many singles instead of one massive project. Since the process of making a larger volume of small projects would take longer it would mean that Iann has more time to perfect his style and also experiment with other flows as well. Iann is an artist that everyone at WhyY would love to work with as our styles and what we portray in the sense of visuals are basically the same. He is an artist that in the future I really want to work with. So Iann, if you’re reading drop me a DM.