Jasiah – Shenanigans feat. Yung Bans

Released at the start of 2019. Shenanigans is one of Jasiah’s classic rage songs with aggressive delivery of lyrics alongside a hard 808 pattern. The overall beat is some sort of guitar sting played repeatedly which is very odd to hear the first time around, especially with all the madness happening on top of it, but after a few listens it does fit in with the overall vibe nicely. Yung Bans Is the featured artist with a very small verse, 22 seconds long, which does hit very hard after he gets past the 5 seconds of “Woah, woah, woah” that he intros with. What I like about this song the most and why I decided to feature it on the blog is that the aggression of Jaisah is more subtle in this song compared to others, which allows him to have the opportunity to rap and actually say something.

The song overall seems like it starts and ends very quickly because you have to take in all the aggression but as we have seen, with the majority of new artists in this genre, the shorter length songs work in favour more than any longer song because this new generation tends to get bored of a song after a couple minutes, so a 4-5 minute song is going to be hard to put onto the younger generation since they want the really hard and fast 2 minute song instead. Jasiah has built a good sized following the past year and I really hope he stays on the same upward trend of having big features and getting million of views on his music videos. This is a song that hasn’t been covered by many blogs even though it has a ton of views on ELEVATOR. But that is why your boy is here to talk about these hard songs that people still think are underground. I always look forward to new music by Jasiah and my god the shows are mad.