One of my personal favourite artists from the UK. Shakka is a talented vocalist who has big singles such as Man Down and has his own show Tribe Tuesdays where he makes a song with his fans, awesome way to get content created. What stands out about Shakka is how is style of singing fits really well with grime with the popular Walking with the Elephants tune being a huge song in the UK scene, where he collaborated with Frisco a well-known grime artist. His work fits into that genre even though it’s nothing like the rest of the music from other artists, it’s very odd. His voice live is incredible with his shows always being mad and whenever he does a live performance it sounds directly like the studio version of the track. It is just a complement to his creation process that he doesn’t need autotune or over production to create something that sounds amazing.

What I would like to see from Shakka is a very highly produced album that has a lot of features from varied backgrounds. I think this sort of project would put him on the map and grow his cult following to become much larger. The fact he has been doing it for years and he isn’t as big as the other UK artists is criminal. His positive energy which you can see in his colors performance shows that he fully loves what he is doing and puts a lot into every performance he does.

What needs to happen is for a big collaboration with artists in the same music style as him to show to a mainstream audience that he can compete at that high level, because there is no doubt in my mind that he could. His work ethic is something to admire as well. Overall there is nothing negative or controversial to say about Shakka, he is an artist that I hope to have the honour to work with sometime and if not I will continue to listen to his music as it is always good for the ears.