A very interesting artist that has pathed his way from top quality satire content on YouTube that has gandered eyes from millions of people. Coming from an audience that can be ruthless if they don’t like what they see, the transition to melodic slow sounding music may be hard for fans to get used to, and it has been hard for some. The change came due to George outgrowing that content and also health issues that came from running and creating the show. What really like about Joji is how he made the switch in career with no second guesses. He didn’t try to carry on the Filthy Frank series and did not at all care if he lost fans over it, he knew that it wasn’t for him and didn’t allow others to influence his career path.

Moving onto his music. The style that Joji has is very melancholy and the pitch of most of his songs does not change that much, which leads to a very calm sounding song that can pick up in ambience as it goes on. I like to say that a lot of his slower songs are focussed on the build up rather than any drops or hard-hitting lines like the majority of new age artists focus on. He has his own style which is very nice to see and he also seems to have a great team around him in the form of 88rising, a multimedia content distributor who houses and works with a wide variety of different artists. This is amazing for the development of Joji as he will be able to get specific help with projects, since he is still a new artist, and he can also work with that brand to get his content released to the audience that they have. I think the only thing I can think of that would really hurt the development of Joji would be if he had a falling out with that brand and he had to do his work independently. As 88rising has sort of became his musical family.

The music that he has released have left fans in shock with this musical talent. How quickly he has gone from the meme king shouting expletives in his videos to producing, creating and performing some of the softest tracks that I have ever heard is astonishing. He always has the old school Filthy Frank fans who will be stanning for new content and will pester the accounts that Jojis music is uploaded to. But all I can hope is that Joji keeps his mentality the same has he has now and does not sell out on any Filthy Frank content as he is not built for that sort of content anymore.

He would be a very interesting artist to work with since he has a very unique sound and his visuals are always something to behold. It is so different that it is very hard to ignore.