OFB – Ambush

The first drill group we will be covering on the WhyY blog will be OFB. OFB are a gang that are based in Tottenham, the group is made up of several members that all perform on songs. OFB have been active for a few years but yet still put out good music to this day. The song I will be covering is a recent one titled Ambush, a fitting name for the lifestyle they portray. The song itself is pure drill so you already know that the beat is hard and bounces a ton. The content of the song is very aggressive with the lyrics talking about violence, guns and interference with other gangs, pretty typical drill stuff. What makes the song stand out for me is how the individual members of the group flow so well together and each other’s verse links so well into the next. It is more then the engineer putting in good work but more the members of the group knowing what they need to adapt inside of their performance to make everything fit together.

Since I am a big energy person the drill scene has been a favourite of mine since the aggressiveness of the music really hypes you up and you can properly mosh to any drill song. Ambush is one example I would put out there for people to see to show them this is proper drill music. Visuals are nothing special because they don’t need to be. Just get gang out on the road and that’s it. Overall one of the better drill songs that comes with a lot of energy.