Bernard Jabs ft. Iann Dior – come again

Bernard is an artist that was introduced to me through Iann Dior. The song titled come again, released on Promoting Sounds has Bernard and Iann flowing together tight as always. I really enjoy the vibe that these two bring to any song, you know it’s going to be higher energy which is obviously a benefit. What I like about having Bernard on songs with Iann is that even though it is a similar vibe their voices are so different it makes for a really interesting blend of sounds. Bernards voice is very unique while Iann can come in with the smoothness on a hook.

Staying to the underground roots and using a platform such as Promoting Sounds is very useful for artists that have a larger following because they are going to get fans of the platform view their song and give honest feedback etc. Where in a situation where they are only uploading music to their own channel it makes sense that they would only give highly positive feedback. The song itself is super high quality and I suggest you all to check it out in the link below.