Fazer, formally a member of the popular UK rap group N-Dubz, is a rapper and producer. He, like previously mentioned, is best known for his work with the group. He played an integral part behind the scenes on many of the groups tracks and overall was a valued member of the team. After the group split it seemed like Fazer was the most forgotten of the group. It seemed like he could not form a solo career for himself to the same level as his previous group mates Dappy and Tulisa. It has only been in recent months that he has properly come back onto the scene with songs such as Give it Away (Click) and U.F.O. (Click) He has the odd big single but remains to be on the down low when it comes to releasing music as an artist.

The thing with Fazer is that he has the ability to easily get back into the game properly as a solo artist. He doesn’t possess the technical lyrical skill similar to his counterpart Dappy, but what he does have is the ability to produce a record from scratch and make it the best possible song on the producing end which makes up for his above average rapping skills. I like to think that he could individual produce, write and perform on an album and do the entire thing by himself. Being the behind the scenes man he possesses the ability to work with bare bones and make it into something he wants. It is a very rare skill for an artist to posses which is why I bring attention to it. Not many artists can work on a project and do everything on it. The majority just rap, while some might have a creative direction that they are following. Fazer literally can do everything on that project, which makes him a big asset.

I would like to see the development of him as a solo artist more with continuous singles being dropped and to see him experiment with a bigger project under his own name. He still has a lot to give to UK rap music even though many have written him off.