Montana Of 300 “Art Class”

Montana is a rapper that I have followed closely for a few years so monitor his growth. Some would still consider him as an underground artist just because he really hasn’t had the blow up he needs to get the constant 10 million+ views on every song he releases like some new age artists. However, Montana Of 300 really shows that he is still grinding with a new release this month of a song titled Art Class. This song follows up on Montana’s hard, quick, flow with a focus on punchlines during his verses.

The concept on Montana being a teacher and talking about how he wants to make sure kids understand to embrace pain and not let in affect them and slow their development. The song is packed with positive messages and the beat in the background complements Montana’s style perfectly by not overwhelming what he is saying but still remains prominent with the melodic chords below the high hats which gives the song a bit more bounce.

I always like to hear a song from Montana and the way that he managed to incorporate such intricate messages about positivity is always going to be a thing I admire. I hope this song can touch 1 million views in the next few weeks and staple itself as one of Montana’s harder songs.