D Block Europe x Offset – Rich

D Block Europe is a duo that has really come through in the last year to become one of the bigger collectives in the UK. They have had some really big tunes touch the 5, 6, 7 million view mark which stapes them as a big force within the UK scene. This song, titled Rich, features one of the 3 Migos, Offset, which is a collaboration I didn’t really think would happen since I know the 3 Migos to work with other artists as independents, but not UK artists at all. So, it was a bit odd seeing Offset come on in the intro of the song that is on GRM.

Overall the song is very bouncy with the title of the song being a reference to the entire vibe of the tune, them talking about being rich was kinda the entire content of the song. Which doesn’t stray far away from what the US artists talk about anyway. What I found interesting was that the video didn’t feature any of the artists in person, instead they were portrayed as puppets. Which was allegedly to deal with Offset not wanting to be in the video but who knows.

The song does slap hard with the Offset feature actually being a feature that added some real value to the song overall. The Tory Lanez feature in Dappy’s new song wasn’t that long or impressive, but the feature that Offset provided actually took up more than a third of the entire tune. So hats off to Offset for providing the goods!