Deno Driz

Probably the youngest artist that I will be covering on the blog. Deno has blown up massively in the past year with songs such as London (Click) and his touching tribute to late rapper Cadet titled First Days (Click). The young rapper has got million of views to his name, big show appearances and because he is so young there is so much that can be done with him that he has the opportunity to make some amazing moves before he hits his 20’s. With him being so young it is critically important that he has the appropriate team around him. A team that will help him find his way through his teenage years and also that will shield him, as being so young can make him more affected by negative press etc.

Since he has only been around for a short while it is hard to pinpoint where he should focus his craft in. He has already appeared in a stunning performance as Bailey in the online show Shiro’s Story (Click). Being this young means he is still in school and depending on how he wants to shape his career he might decide to leave school and focus 100% on his music and not bother with higher education, or possibly release music less and allow himself to go through the process of education at a higher level. I see him focusing more on the music side of his development however I think giving him the option to study if he wants to would be best for his personal development.

His music will be the most popular with people in the same generation that’s for sure. The mentality of providing for his family, that is said in several of his songs, shows that his head his screwed on properly his attitude towards sensitive topics has been amazing considering younger artists tend to be easier to provoke, which causes negative press, but Deno seems very sensible and is just focussed on providing and making the best music that he can.

He is really a great artist that can most definitely go wherever he wants to with his early found fame. I cannot stress enough that I really do hope he has the best team around him and that team needs to identify the best opportunities for Deno and protect him when it is needed. I am very exited to hear a solo project from Deno in the future and I see it being a mixture of slow and fast paced tunes depending on the theme of the project and also the features. He has the ability to perform at a very high level and I hope that continues for him over the next few years and it will be interesting to see how he matures and what the adult version of Deno will be like.