Finn Foxell

Finn is an artist that I have had the pleasure of working with very early on in the life of WhyY. We worked on a piece of single art that you can see here (Click). An artist from London and a member of the group Elevation Meditation which includes other members such Lord Apex. Finn has a very specific persona about him which comes across as very calm and melodic. His music also reflects this. His calm persona also allows songs to flow into one another with ease. The deep voice that Finn possesses on top of the slow beats allows you to get lost in the overall sound of a track.

As he is part of the EM project there might not be enough time to focus on a solo project, that I am not aware of, but regardless I would be intrigued to see a big project come from Finn with the rest of the EM group involved as well. He is young enough to really experiment with his music and see which style gets the best reception, there could be no reason to change his current style, but I feel like his voice is a perfect match to drill music. Very hard hitting at a slow tempo. It would be mad to see him jump on a drill beat and see how well he can handle it.

Overall, I felt like it was important to bring everyone to the attention to not only Finn but also the Elevation Meditation group as they are starting to breakthrough and I am exited to see what the entire group has planned for the end of the year. I feel like 2020 will be a big time period for EM and the members inside of it.