Fukkit – Flashbang

Fukkit, a past member in Members Only famous for housing such artists such as XXXTentacion, Ski Mask and Craig Xen, is an artist that has always been comfortable with the aggressive screaming music that has became popular in this generation. Fukkit was on the original version of ImSippinTeaInYourHood that now only has X on it and like I said was part of a group that helped pioneered that type of music. Flashbang is a song that was released last year but only this month had visuals done for it. The song is typical of the musical background he was part of, shouting, aggressive lyrics and very aggressive delivery is what makes the song so impactful, the beat as well can be overwhelming at times especially with the initial beat drop being INCREDIBLY HEAVY.

There are references to Halo in the intro which I can respect. The song talks about fighting with everyone, references to many games like 2K, Halo, MW2 and the entire COD franchise which is very cool to hear. The vibe of the song is one where you will have mosh pits killing each other in the live shows. The distorted vocals give the track an extra grittiness to it which I personally love, similarly to old X music which had the same “Low quality” vocal recording. I am a big fan of Fukkit since he makes songs that are all about aggressive energy and his flow is impressive throughout this song especially, there is barely anytime throughout the song that has him not rapping, so hats off to him for that one. A lot of content in a nice 2:25 song, about the average for this generations type of music.