Landon Cube

Part of the new age era of hip hop music including Ski, Lil Skies and Lil Xan has came with a lot more melodic sounding artists that do not embody the soundcloud rap style has much as their counterparts, but the physical style that they possess and the collaborations they have created means that they fall into this category. Landon Cube is an artist that I wanted to cover on this platform because he has released a new small project titled Orange which is a 6-song album (Click) including features from GNAR and frequent collaborator Lil Skies. The style that is in the majority of Landon’s music is somewhat punk sounding combined with the smooth melodic sounding pop vibe that I get off him as well. His voice itself is very smooth and can fit the majority of the slower, bass heavy, beats that we as an audience have become accustomed to.

He is part of the growing sound that expresses themselves emotionally with Landon’s songs being about relationships and his own personal feelings. What I like about this is how effortlessly he talks about these topics and isn’t afraid of letting his audience know about his deeper feelings, of course this is one of the larger reasons why this genre of music has grown so much in the past few years. Landon has, very smartly, put himself in a comfortable position within LA where the Cuffboys group are planning to locate to as well. This group of friends allows him to be comfortable in his creative mindset and he has everything he needs close to him. This, for me specifically, is very important to growing as a creative.

I really hope that Landon can keep the momentum going with the only worry for me being that he could become a bit too relaxed, obviously I don’t know what his work ethic is like, but I would hope to think that he can keep himself motivated to make new music and grow as an artist. Also I wish that people would stop comparing him to Skies just because they came up together, their singles are very different vibes but when they come together they are a different sound which, judging by the reception by the audience, is always going to be a chart topping song.