Lil Dotz x Fredo – Mulla

New video from an artist that has came onto my radar recently, not Fredo he’s been around for time, Lil Dotz has great wordplay and vibes really well on beats that don’t exactly hit hard but are there just to complement the artists vocals, a softer beat that is easy to vibe to. The song talks about wealth and talks about people that have been lost and struggles in the past. Dotz has very hard lines in the song and he switches from these raps into smooth vocals that don’t really represent singing but his voice as it is smooth enough to make it bop.

Fredo comes in with a decent length verse, adlibs and a music video performance. We know that Fredo has already established himself in the past but he does a good job in this tune and fits the vibe of the tune vert well. A song that will sit at a few hundred thousand views for sure over the next couple days.