Lyrical Lemonade – The Lemonade

I’ve been following the growth of Lyrical Lemonade for a while now and one of the biggest business moves they’ve made is the release of their actual lemonade. It makes sense for a company called… you get the point. It is crazy that this company has made this jump right into the beverage business while still being 100% independent, no investors or outside funding. I find that the biggest success from this entire project is that these big moves can be funded from your own money that you make yourselves. Can I see this product in stores across the US, hell yeah I can, can I see it going international, I think it’s still a bit too early. I believe the goal that Cole’s team has is to make it a regular thing for the people in their area to see, the whole thing of keeping the big shows and performances in Chicago may be one reason why they don’t ship products out to the UK for example.

The lemonade represents such a bigger success than just selling a beverage. Like I said the fact that these guys have done it themselves is the biggest success, but also turning something that was just perceived as a name online into a tangible beverage that you can consume is mad. The same feeling you get when you create clothing, obviously a bit more elevated, knowing that your ideas however many years ago have turned into a real thing is nuts.

For brands like us who are growing to manage artists, throw shows, shoot music videos, create products and overall be a main platform in the culture, this step that Lyrical Lemonade have taken really is an eye opener to us because we know that if we put in a high level of work, we can also do crazy things like host festivals and be involved with the culture in ways that influence millions of people. Great work from everyone at the Lyrical Lemonade team, but we will be on the same level soon so the UK vs US scene will be real. WhyY Water? – Lyrical Lemonade available here