Craig Xen & XXXTENTACION – RUN IT BACK! (Official Video)

Firstly, uncle Tank is the most awesome thing ever. Jeez where do I start with this video. It wasn’t too long ago that Craig and X dropped the audio for RUN IT BACK a little while ago and since the fans are gagging for as much X music they can get the reception was overwhelmingly positive since not only did it have one of X’s good friends Craig on it, but also it sounded like the old music that X released before he dropped Look At Me.

We all know the song to be a banger and we know that it will do great at the shows along with a big catalogue of other music dropped by all Members Only alumni. The video though is a very good tribute since it shows good friends Craig and Tankhead at X’s grave decades later when they are old, telling stories to the kids and showing that they will always be around Jah. A very hype song and the music video is an awesome way to tribute everyone who had something to do with X’s legacy and since there is only a finite amount of X music left to release, it acts as a good visual end point to the legacy.