Lil Tecca

An artist that is probably the fastest growing in terms of engagement, views and loyal fans. Lil Tecca has came on to the scene with tracks on worldstarhiphop which was is first big song titled “Did it Again”, but swiftly after that the song that everybody knows Tecca for, Random, has blown him out of the underground straight into the mainstream view overnight. There is so much more to Lil Tecca though than what some would expect. A lot of people just think another young kid who is going to use this new found clout to allow him to appear as someone with more power than other people, but what I love about Tyler the most is that he really cares about the youth, in any interview you see of him he will talk about this along with real topics that don’t spring to mind when it comes to young upcoming rappers. But that is what I love about this whole generation, we are much more aware of the shit that has been left over from past generations and we are slowly unifying to fix it. I will link an interview down below to show you his mindset. Shout out the boy Adam22 as well.

I placed Tyler on the list for songs that will live for a long time, can be found on the WhyY blog, because it is not necessarily his music that will last forever but the way he can influence the youth will be the thing that makes him stand out to other artists in this genre. The guy is still at school and has a lot of developing to do but I think we could see a Jaden Smith effect to this particular person in that he knows that he has to use his influence for a positive thing, which is very admirable.

I hope the people that are around him are always able to protect him because it is easy for young artists to fall into bad label deals, or mix with a wrong group of people, which can make his potential useless if he gets locked up or his label refusing to put his projects out. I predict big things for Lil Tecca and from a musical point of few he has the current vibe locked down perfectly and a big project with features will be a massive success for Tyler.