Lofi Hip-Hop beats – A better alternative to silence

One of the newer forms of music that has become a popular in the last few years is lofi hip-hop. Especially the beats. These lofi beats are usually connected with terms like relaxing, studying and sleeping. There is a vibe to it that is incredibly attractive and acts as perfect background music. I personally use this music while writing blog posts and while completing university work, working on my book or just when I don’t need to listen to anything specific. It has become something that a lot of people rely on since it feels the void of silence when they are doing work that doesn’t require sound. It is a fascinating concept that has became part of this generations culture. The community of lofi hip-hop beats are all very laid back and relaxed in the comments and all see it as a place to go to escape real life troubles.

Obviously since the music is only beats and there isn’t really anything to focus on, it becomes a very good element that positively effects productivity. I seem to be a lot quicker and accurate with my own writing when I am listening to a lofi mix. It is very odd but I have found recently that I struggle with silence during the day, because I know something should be happening. I even tend to have one earphone in listening to these beats during lectures and seminars because it allows me to keep in tune to what the person is saying, with the silence I tend to get very bored and lose interest in what the person is saying because there is no background substance. I think these beats have made it very easy for a lot of people to focus and since there is no way that they can interrupt workflow it makes sense that these should be playing in offices and other work places.

If I were to ever have a work space where the WhyY team is located at I would most definitely have these beats in the background 24/7 to fill the space and keep us in a positive vibe. I really think that this is an industry that hasn’t been tapped into as much and I would love to release beat tapes from producers onto the WhyY platform and even look into signing some of them. It is such a talent to crate music that is an alternative to silence, something that doesn’t interrupt you during your work but allows you to keep focused. I will link the mix I’m listening to down below. Many thanks for reading.