Rich Brian

Rich Brian is a rapper who has come up with the new age rappers specifically in the Asian/American scene, he is signed to the multimedia platform 88Rising who also house a number of upcoming artists like Niki, Joji, Higher Brothers and Brian himself. There are a number of different factors that make Brian a more standout artist compared to others. His persona is a meme in itself and it’s amazingly funny. His Twitter is one of the funniest things on the planet. Also, he has a very odd attraction because you don’t expect the deep voice to come out of a small dude that Brian is, it is what blown him up in the first place, looking like a fool and acting as a walking meme but the music behind it is actually at a very high level. There is a time where Rich Brian wasn’t known as Rich Brian, I don’t even know if I’m allowed to type his original name being a Caucasian and I don’t want Keemstar to bring it up in a years’ time or something. But let’s say he didn’t have a serious name at all, which hindered his progress as a serious artist because the audience constantly viewed him as that walking meme even though he is developing into being a competent artist.

The musical ability of Brian is top notch for his age. He not only raps and vocalises on his songs but he also produces, not at a level like Nick Mira etc but he still is heavily interested in that side of making music, which shows that he is really devoted to creating projects and not just showing up to a booth and laying lyrics down. Brian is very fortunate to have a strong team around him in the form of 88. They have a big platform so his work is always going to get reception from that fanbase, but because of his constant collaboration with the Asian industry there is a whole other world of opportunity that Brian has because he is not stuck making typical US rap music, there are several influences around him that will further shape his sound into something unique.

Brian is a very talented artist, just released a new project and has had some big features like XXX and 21 Savage, but what I hope to see with Brian is for him to get stuck in with making music for himself, not just rapping over a beat that was made for him. It would be amazing to have a project where the entirety of the production is done by him, because I think he is more than capable since he has helped produced 3 of the 12 songs on his new The Sailor album. Big things will continue happening as Brian becomes more and more popular all over the world, the amazing thing is I know that he already has access to the Asian market, a market that many don’t have any open doors to, so there is a chance that Brian will be able to leverage what he has now to be a mainstream name in Asia as well as the US and Europe.