The Juice WRLD Freestyles

There is something that really stands out about Juice WRLD. He is the only rapper that has came out of the new age scene who really shows off some sort of musical talent, every opportunity he has he will freestyle and practise. He really shows in all interviews and non-musical appearances that all he thinks about is perfecting his craft. He has proven that he can freestyle at an extremely high level even to the extent of freestyling for an hour straight. The thing about these freestyles that he has done on a number of different platforms, No Jumper, Hot 97 and Tim Westwood which shows that he can do this anywhere whether he is under pressure or not. One of the most impressive freestyles he has done is in a No Jumper log where the lines he is saying can easily be used for actual songs.

The thing that I find most fascinating about Juice WRLD’s freestyles is that he has a lot of songs that have platinum/gold status which he says are 100% freestyles. It is crazy to me that Juice can create an entire concept, versus, vocal melodies and hooks right off the top of his head the way he does. His newest album Death Race for Love has been said to be majority freestyled lyrics. I think that Juice is a lot more talented than what we perceive him as and is definitely a lot more talented in a raw sense than a lot of other artists in the same genre as him. I think we could be seeing some sort of project soon that is only freestyled and is marketed to be only freestyled, which would gain him a lot more respect as someone who is a natural rapper and lyricist.