Stefflon Don

One the top performing female artists in the UK right now, featured on one of the most anticipated songs by XXXTentacion titled Royalty and has several big songs with acts like French Montana, Lil Baby, Tory Lanez and a lot more. Stefflon Don has been constantly killing the UK rap game for a long time and is now working her way up to become the most decorated females’ artists that the UK has. I personally think there are female rappers that are rawer than her, again just my personal opinion, but herself and her marketing team has managed to leverage every single big thing about her career and use it as a platform to get involved in bigger projects. The team around her are crazy and should be really proud that they managed to get her son many opportunities.

What I like about Stefflon Don is that whatever track she is on she always represents the UK vibe. She doesn’t change her style for anyone and say if she collaborated with an American artist, she would not be expected to change her style to match the American style, it would just be her being herself. In her songs as well she has a certain confidence to her that allows her to play roles in her music videos really well, I wouldn’t actually mind seeing her try and take up a small acting role.

One of the things that has become a problem with the development of Stefflon Don is that she has started to make music that caters to everyone, she still keeps her style but instead of a hard beat it is a pop beat. The song with Lil Baby titled Phone Down is a perfect example of this, it is one of the only examples where she has gone against her original style and has opted to fit to something else. This song in particular has got a fair amount of negative criticism because the artist that the fans came for wasn’t there, it was a typical mainstream sounding pop song. This is a problem that I have made apparent to a lot of different artist that we’ve written about on the blog, new artists shouldn’t sell out to a style that is the complete opposite to the one that made them famous. It is perfectly fine to experiment but this song seems like she was forced to act like a character that she never is and shouldn’t ever sound like. I hope this isn’t a recurring pattern since I want Stefflon Don to represent UK rap well and not to sell out because that’s what the label forced her to do. But I will link my favourite song of hers down below.