Headie One & The Drill Genre

Headie One is one of the most popular drill rappers in the UK at the moment. Everyone who knows about the genre drill knows about Headie. Why I wanted to bring him up in the blog is that I wanted to start talking about the drill scene a lot more since it is close to home and the scene is improving everyday as well. The main thing about Headie that I wanted to talk about is that right now he is at the pinnacle of drill music. He was one of the guys who helped make it mainstream. I think it wouldn’t be appropriate not to mention his name in the blog since we will be covering a lot more drill artists.

The thing about these drill artists, including Headie, is that these guys can’t stay out of doing crime. I understand that the premise of drill music is gang music, but shit these guys come up and either get killed or locked up for years. These dudes need to outgrow the crime because a lot of drill artists make enough money from their music to where they don’t need to trap anymore. But a big problem is that these guys get remembered by other gangs. So, if they are caught lacking, even if they have nothing to do with that life anymore, they will get jumped by the active members of rival gangs. Headie recently got into a court case for carrying a knife. This is recently, well after his collaboration with Dave, sold out shows and performances at some of the biggest festivals in the world, does he still need to be carrying? Otherwise it is a cycle that will constantly be continued, feels like he has to carry a weapon, either uses it or gets caught eventually, goes to prison, gets out, repeat. I think some professionals need to nurture this wave of musical talent and help them leave roads since it is not a place for these guys to develop properly.

Like I said this is more of an introduction to us talking about drill artists and showing our readers the best talent that is coming out of the UK right now. Everyone knows about Headie but I will be going in depth about other artists more and more as they come through. I will link the famous song that helped Headie and drill music blow up.