Little Simz

I was first introduced to Little Smiz through the Colors show, a platform that is dedicated to expose new artists from all over the world to a big audience. Little Simz is British but she was not on my radar. She benefits from a very unique flow, it is very rappy rap rap rap if you know what I mean, a big grime influence was taken in by her during her development. She raps incredibly fast but the more impressive aspect is how clear her wording is, an artist like Rico Nasty sometimes says her words too quickly leading to an unrecognisable sound of syllables. Where Little Simz is very conscious with how she is saying her words and makes sure to utter them perfectly.  

I listened to the GREY Area EP and to me there is a good mix of vibes throughout. She can get aggressive with her delivery and songs will switch from dark to almost boom bap sounding tracks. The production of that project was very high and at times it changes to very low production quality which is amazing to see. At those times of lower production, distorted vocals, simpler beat it sounds the most British and unique which is awesome. The song Venom is what was performed at the Colors show and was what introduced to me to Little Sim, it sounded the exact same in the actual song to the performance which is a good sign of a genuine artist. That song being quite dark goes straight into a tune named 101 FM which is much lighter and bouncier. The diversity of that project is what really stands out to me the most. She is a very talented lyricist and the features that she got on that project complement her well. But what impressed me the most is the amount of content on each track, there was no repetition of lines that much which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to new age rap music.

Overall, I would love to hear this artist collaborate with someone like Rico Nasty because they would complement each other very well. I haven’t known this artist for too long but I think it would be silly not to learn about her and the music she makes. Very high quality. I will link my favourite song from the GREY Area project below.